Saturday, June 14, 2014

Update on our lives!

Well, the last time I posted was before graduation a few months ago so I have some catching up to do. After graduation Zach and I went home to my house for Easter weekend. It was a good opportunity because I planned on finding full time employment when we got back so it was a good time to visit. We had some car trouble on the way back from Spokane. We had pulled into a gas station in Missoula when our car started shaking really bad and almost shut off unless we put our car in park. Unfortunately, it was Sunday and no car shops were even open to get it checked out so we decided to say a prayer and get back on the road. It was such a blessing because we made it home safely driving another four hours to find out that a spring in the engine was completely broken. Let's just say it wasn't cheap to fix haha. 

The semester started off busy for both Zach and I. I was busy studying for the NCLEX and Zach has a full load of difficult classes this semester, lots of chemistry and microbiology (gross). I chose to take the NCLEX quickly after graduation so that I could just prepare hard and get it over with. I found out within about 3 weeks of graduation that I had passed the NCLEX and was a registered nurse! I was also offered a job that same day. Getting this job has been such a blessing and I find it a pretty cool story. About a year ago, our class had to sign up for preceptorships but I didn't want one because I wanted one for my last semester in OB/peds because that is what I always thought I was into. I was randomly assigned the 7pm-7am preceptorship on the cardiac care unit that no one had signed up for. I decided that it would be a good opportunity and to take it. I ended up LOVING it there and wanted to work there after graduation. I had been watching the job postings all last semester when a fellow classmate of mine came into the lab where I tutored and had told me that there was a posting on the floor I wanted to work on. I decided to apply after thinking about it for awhile. The next day I called and the director happened to be looking at my application when I called and invited me to an interview that Friday. The interview went well but she said that she would like me to contact her when I passed the NCLEX. That is exactly what I did and I was offered the job! I know that prayers are answered and blessings are awaiting! 

As for Zach, besides being busy with school and work, had the opportunity to go on a trip with the school to visit PA schools in Phoenix and Las Vegas. It was such an awesome experience for him to be able to see more in depth of the kind of schools that are out there and what they require. As of right now Zach and I are both hanging in there right now until the end of the semester! At the end of July we are going to Texas for his family reunion and it will be a blast. And then hopefully in September, we will fly out to Florida to see his dad and all of the fun stuff to do over there. 

I think that is it for now....but here are some pictures!

Most of my family was able to come for my graduation, it was such a fun and rewarding time!

Here is everyone who was able to make it: Hayden, Mom, Pete, Melissa, Logan, Gen, Brooke, Marci, and my Dad!

I absolutely love chalk paint. I have taken a few of pieces of wooden furniture that needed an update and made some new pieces. I absolutely love chalk paint and I will never use anything else!

 Painted our night stands as well!

This is what they looked liked before I painted them. They were nice but I love the look after the chalk paint.

This is probably my favorite piece that I've done.

I love my nephew Boston, I was able to see him when I went home for Easter. I was able to see a lot of family and it was awesome!

I love my Reesie Girl!

After 3 years of living in Rexburg, I finally made a trip to Yellowstone!

On Zach's PA school trip, he was in Las Vegas and was able to go to the pawn shop that it is in the show Pawn Stars. My step dad Pete was jealous, he loves that show.

Zach and his friend Michael attempted to make DIY air conditioners. It worked for other people, but they failed miserably..

I live in such a beautiful area! Reminds me of good ole' Spokane. This is at lower Mesa Falls.

Fire time at our good friend Travis' house!

I saw this ring at the farmer's market and I had to buy it! Such a perfect little token for what I do!

 Love going to the drive in with our friends!

Probably one of the most prized possessions I have! I worked so hard for this license!

Passing the NCLEX!

On a completely different note, I just wanted to take a moment to share my feelings that I have had lately about my faith in Jesus Christ. I have had the opportunity to experience so many blessings in my life. I have seen many of my family members struggle for so many years and I wish I could give them the feelings I have so they too could understand what blessings are awaiting them. I know that prayers are answered and I am so grateful!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's been awhile!

What a semester this has been! I am approaching graduation and I am so excited, only 37 days or something like that. Zach and I have been very busy with school and work but it has been an awesome semester. Zach is currently working and taking one night class for his major and I have just been busy finishing classes for my ASN. He will be applying to PA schools soon, all of the applications open around April 1st. The two schools he is interested in this year are Texas Tech and Heritage University in Washington. If he doesn't get accepted this round, he will try again next year when he has completed more prerequisites. Life is very exciting right now as I get ready for graduation. I have applied for licensure and the NCLEX and have been accepted into the RN-BSN for spring semester! I will be able to get my RN license with a two-year associate degree and I only have 3 semesters left (only 7-9 credits each semester) until I have my BSN, so I will receive that diploma next April. I am so grateful for this program because it allows me to become and RN sooner but still get the bachelor's degree I want. I am also very excited to have my family come down for my graduation and show them around the school and whatnot. After I graduate I will be hitting the job scene really hard. I hope to get a job at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center on the Cardiac Care unit, but I will honestly take any job that I am offered because I want the experience! Zach will again be taking a full semester of credits and continue to work at the plasma center. I think that is it for are some pictures!

 Absolutely love this pic! My nice and nephew decided to be baptized early February!

 Our program was fortunate enough to be able to tour some big hospitals in Utah, Utah Valley Medical Center and Primary Children's

 We saved up and bought a couch!

And a rug!

 My acceptance letter into the RN-BSN program!


Zach's new snowboard he got for his birthday

Zach loves Texas Roadhouse so us and a bunch of friends went there for his birthday!

I just love this picture of a little blood pressure cuff, among the many new equipment I've used for this semester of OB/pediatrics.

Until next time!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I figured I would take some time to update my blog before I start my LAST semester of the nursing program and things get really busy. This Christmas/New Years went by way too fast and I am feeling the after-holiday blues big time. Zach and I were able to go home to my house for a week before he had to get back to work. It was really fun for us to be together for our first Christmas. We were absolutely spoiled with love and gifts and it was great! 

 I really wanted this sign, so it was one of my Christmas gifts from Zach...and I got it early! 

I was lucky enough to get to see some of my really good friends over the break and it was very awesome to catch up and have some good laughs.

I just have to laugh at this is a glass candle stick wrapped in there. When he bought it at TJ Maxx, they wrapped it in tissue paper and he thought it made the perfect wrapping paper.

I love my husband so much!

My mom got us one of my favorite gifts. She had this made for us, it is solid wood and I love it!

Us looking sleepy on Christmas morning. My step-dad Pete made me wear that necklace, it is one tha flashes/blinks haha

We went four wheeling out at my Grandma's house, it didn't last long though because it was freezing.

My dad got us this awesome old fashion hot air popper. Zach and I love popcorn and we tried this out a few nights ago. It was yummy.

 I just love the gifts my sisters got me this year. Maria made me the banner, I wish I was as crafty and creative as her...but maybe when I have more time on my hands I will have the chance to work on that haha. My sister Melissa got me the cute little canvas painting of the love birds on the left. It worked perfectly with the colors I have in my bedroom.


This New Years Zach and I went to see a movie and got home in time to watch the ball drop and enjoy some sparkling cider together.

I added this picture because I am officially a resident of Idaho...they even made me surrender my old Washington license. It was sad.

Well, I think that catches us up for now. This next semester Zach will be working full time because he is off-track, but he will be taking the second part of Anatomy & Physiology (ouch). I will be busy preparing for graduation from the associates portion of the nursing program and also getting ready for the bachelors portion of the program. I am excited that "real life" is upon us soon. I will be able to get my registered nursing license after I graduate in April and hopefully find a job soon after! Zach and I are so blessed and we owe it to our Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally. Until next time,

Alli & Zach

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Finally, a break!

At last, the semester is coming to an end and I finally have a chance to update my blog. I finished my last final on Friday night and only have one more assignment for my religion class. However, Zach is busy studying away as we speak for his finals. We have had a fun first 3 months of marriage trying to juggle school, work, and everyday life. It has been so fun building our lives together and I look forward to the future. I only have one more semester of the nursing program now that this semester is over and I am so excited to be able to start working this spring (when I find a job). It is a stressful and exciting time of our lives as we approach "the real world" coming upon us so fast. Zach has the opportunity to start applying to PA schools this spring for the ones that he meets the prerequisites for. I couldn't be more happy than I am with all of the many blessings we have had in our lives and how bright the future looks. Once the semester is officially over, we are heading to Spokane for this Christmas and then we will be coming back to Rexburg. My mom had the idea that Zach and I take my little brother Hayden back with us for a few days so he can explore campus because he is applying here for Fall 2014 (yay!). 

Now for some pictures from the past few months..

 This was before Halloween on a date to the Haunted freaking scary. Let's just say I was really winded after going through and there was a part in which everyone landed on my head.

Another double date with our friends Brad and Kelsey

 Found out this semester that I have high blood pressure and had to have a lot of labs drawn to make sure that nothing too serious was wrong. Good news, nothing wrong.


My first attempt as a married woman to be crafty and I think it turned out pretty cute. Only this wreath went crashing to the ground after a windy day in Rexburg and broke into 3 pieces. 


I have had a lot of fun decorating my little apartment and making it feel like a home. 


Zach and I when we went to see the Hunger Games!


A view from the outside of our little apartment, before that wreath broke. 


I was able to go home for Thanksgiving to see my family. This was on black Friday when I was DONE shopping.


I have been really good about making a home cooked meal everyday, except Fridays which we usually get pizza for fun. This is just one of the things I experimented with.

Our first Christmas together and we have a cute little tree that my step-dad Pete cut down for us at Thanksgiving. I got some laughs taking this home on the roof of our car. 

Our nativity scene that Zach's mom sent to us. I love it.

I realized that these pictures are kind of out of order but I took this picture the first night I had a 12 hour graveyard shift. 

It was so cold this past few weeks that the power went out and they canceled all classes until afternoon. Zach and I slept in and watched TV, it was a nice little mid-week break. 

I love decorating, this is in our bedroom. My mom gave me the iron decoration when I went home for thanksgiving. 

Well, I think that sums up our life for now. Hopefully I will be able to do a Christmas update before the semester starts! Until then, 

Alli & Zach